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We love our new Outback! and we love Subaru of El Cajon!!! Royal was very knowledgeable about the Outback, demonstrated the eyesight in detail, took his time in showing us how to use the navigation and infotainment system and all the other extras. We never felt pressured, he was straightforward, and ultimately gave us a great deal on the car. If you you are looking for a new Subaru don't hesitate and contact Royal!


I was bummed when I found out that Eric C left El Cajon Subaru and that I was assigned a new sales manager, Royal Wilkinson. But then I saw great reviews about Royal so I was optimistic.

Well, Royal earned all those 5-star reviews! I went to pick up my new car a couple days ago and there was no BS. Royal was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and personable, and very passionate about the Outback. He took his time going through the key points in the manuals, and even took me out on a drive to demonstrate many of the cool safety options with the newest generation Eyesight system.  LOVE IT!

If you are looking for a Subaru, I HIGHLY recommend contacting Royal at El Cajon Subaru. Buying a car is never fun, but this was as good as it gets!

p.s really love my Outback too :)


I don't write a lot of yelp reviews, but had to give 5 stars to Subaru El Cajon and Royal Wilkinson, our salesperson. They offered the lowest price (via email -- doesn't get easier than that), stuck to it, and communicated with us regularly about our car's progress from the plant in Lafayette, Indiana, to the train, then the truck, then its arrival in San Diego. The purchase experience was hassle-free, and Royal gave us a very thorough orientation to the car and its features. Couldn't have asked for a better car-buying experience.


I've bought and sold three cars in my adult life. I've walked from dealerships who talked to my husband instead of me (even when it was blindingly obvious that I was the one doing the negotiations) or who simply assumed that "the little woman" wasn't interested in cars. That wasn't my experience with Subaru El Cajon. My husband and I wanted to trade in our aging CR-V and from start to finish, the process was about as stress-free as it could possibly be. Martin was our salesperson and he was courteous and professional at all points. He answered all our questions and it's clear he knows his stuff. He helped us buy our new Subaru at a price we could afford, without funny business, and we got a good price on our trade-in. We're loving our new Forester and we're glad we went to Subaru El Cajon.


My wife and I have been extremely happy with every aspect of purchasing our new Outback. James Davis has bent over backward to take care of us, going well above and beyond any other dealership even after the sale. El Cajon is 3 times the distance to our nearest Subaru dealer and has a full 1% higher sales tax than here locally, yet James' diligence made us more than happy to ignore those factors and buy our car through El Cajon Subaru. We got the exact car we wanted for a price we were very comfortable with. The finance department was a pleasure to work with as well; zero pressure through the closing process; Lynn just presented the options and let us make up our minds.

We will sadly be leaving the area shortly, but will point any San Diego friends towards their dealership. This is what a car buying experience should be.


Royal Wilkinsen internet sales manager for El Cajon Subaru quoted me a "no nonsense out the door price" for the 2015 out back limited which the other dealers could not beat, so I ordered it from him. He told me the lead time for this car would be two weeks. I got the call today that the car had arrived. I have never been to this dealer prior to picking up the car so I did not know what to expect...And to be honest I did not expect much. Royal greeted us when we arrived, helped us through the paper work and then proceeded to meticulously explain and demonstrate the various features of the car.... and there were many features to address. Royal was very patient and thorough through out all of this. He also took us on to the freeway to properly demonstrate  the vision capabilities and adaptive cruise control features. I was very impressed by the car and more impressed with Royal's attitude and professionalism. After purchasing three cars from various dealers in the last three years including a BMW 535 d, no dealer came close to the level of customer service offered at this dealership. I highly recommend this dealership and the Subaru Out Back.


I bought a Forester here and my experience was good.

RANDALL DUNN was funny and a great guy. No pressure and a pleasure to work with.

There was a lot of back and forth over the phone and email, but that is typical when buying a car.

After asking for an initial quote, they did call me A LOT. Some people may find that annoying, but they did consider what I wanted and responded with an offer.

Some dealerships (like Kearny Mesa Subaru) acted like they couldn't care less if I bought a car from them.

Some dealerships refuse to give out prices over the phone/email and want to lure you in first before they give you the traditional car-buying pressure cooker experience.

El Cajon Subaru was always willing to give me an offer and counter-offer over the phone, and they did it very quickly.

I got an acceptable offer directly from the general manager over email, and went straight over. They honored the price that they gave me over email without any further hassle, tricks, or attitude. When I had the offer in hand (from the email), I was in and out of the dealership very quickly.

The finance department didn't even pressure me to buy anything. They offered it, I said "no," and that was it.


You can't go wrong with this dealership. We had visited two other dealers and called another two. Dylan returned my call with a hang up.  Very friendly, with sorry I missed your call can I help you. He was awesome as we basically made the deal on the phone. We agreed on the price and that we would be in first thing in the morning. I kept my promise and he kept his price. He spent a great deal of time explaining the features of the car before we test drove the Outback Limited.  We went for a test drive and then began the paperwork. We were then taken to fiancé and Ronny did an equally awesome job with the extras we knew we wanted and didn't try to push us on the extra options he explained and offered as we refused most of them and he respected our decisions.  Two day into the new car and there is no buyers remorse or a nagging feeling we were ripped off in someway.  Let's see if we like service next. Stayed tuned.


It was really nice to finally leave a dealership feeling like not only did you get a really good deal on the new car, but that you also got KBB fair market value for your trade in.  Now granted, it did take negotiating and sticking to our guns (Willingness to walk away) but in the end we did get a fair deal and it was anything more then just normal negotiating.  We bought a 2014 Subaru Outback in May of this year.

My wife actually was going there last just to be able to get one of the three cars she was interested in checked off her list.  It wasn't until she got in a head on collision (Someone blew through  ared light) while test driving it that she actually changed her mind.  

She called me after the accident and said.....yea, the Prius I really was interest in would not have held up as well as the Subaru did!  Also there were three other cars involved in the car accident and while she was waiting a the scene she asked the police officers about their experience between the three cars she was thinking about and all of them said hands down go with the outback.

Everyone at the dealership was really great and genuinely concerned about my wife's health.  Said to please let them know if she needed anything.  Even checked in on here weeks later.  Granted she was in an accident while test driving but it wasn't their fault someone ran a red light.  

I was pleased with them when I looked at a new vehicle back in 2011 but bought somewhere else and still happy with them when we did buy from them.  I also am very happy that it held up so well even though it was a really bad accident.  Good to know your family members will be in a safe car!!!

Will definitely go back there in the future!  Thanks Subaru of El Cajon!!

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