Cosworth to Get Their Hands on the New BRZ

Since 1985 the Cosworth name has been associated with success, especially in the world of Formula One.  This British performance engineering firm has been manufacturing powerful engines for F1 racers for some time now, and currently ranks second all-time in wins.

In more recent years Cosworth has been getting into the world of aftermarket tuning, branching out from the track to everyday roads, boosting vehicles with their advanced systems and technology.

Subaru and Cosworth worked together once before, with a special edition WRX STI being crafted using the British firm's expertise.

Well, it seems this is going to happen once again, but with a different vehicle being given the Cosworth touch.  Check out a teaser video below highlighting the upcoming 2014 Subaru BRZ equipped with Cosworth's FA20 Engine Platform:

We believe this special BRZ will be completed and available sometime later this summer, and we are excited to see how much power this beast will put out with the Cosworth name attached to it.

To have the popular performance and fun drivability of the BRZ joined with the storied power and success of Cosworth is very special, and it will add yet another sporty ride for you to enjoy right here in El Cajon, California.

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