Watch a Master Install Custom STI Mods to the New WRX

Subaru trained technicians, like the ones we have here in our service center, are masters of their trade.  When it comes to fixing or modding our models they know everything there is regarding the ins and outs of the process and vehicle.

Seeing them in action is like watching a skilled artist work on a masterpiece, and when Subaru released a video featuring on of their master technicians today we had to show it off.

Featuring a 2015 Subaru WRX this video shows off the technician installing some custom STI mods to the vehicle in order to boost performance and fun on the road.  Check this out below:

If you own a new Subaru model like the WRX featurd above we have all the genuine parts and accessories that were installed by the master technician.  For a little more bark and bite the STI performance exhaust system is the perfect choice, while the STI Short-Throw Shifter improves gear selection for a more responsive ride.

Stop by our showroom here in El Cajon, California to learn more about these parts and accessories, and if you want to install some have out Subaru gurus handle the task.

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