With the Subaru WRX STI Simple Tasks Are Made Exciting

Going to pick up some bread for breakfast may not sound like the most exciting trip of all time, but for Subaru España it is as exciting as it gets.

Check out how our Spanish counterparts brought a whole new meaning to the word "breadwinner" with special help from the 2015 Subaru WRX STI:

Talk about putting bread on the table!

With some impressive Gymkhana skills and the powerful sporty performance of the WRX STI this driver took breakfast and buying bread to a whole new level of awesome.

This new Subaru model can jump start your life also right here in El Cajon, California, so get behind the wheel of one today to experience the ride of your life like in the video above.

However, we do not condone you attempt the stunts you saw in the video, we don’t think the local baker here would be too pleased with you trying to do donuts around him in the street...

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